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We are a constantly developing creative and innovative technology company aiming to lead both national and international markets.

That’s why we intend to work with high performance, reliable, entertaining and talented teammates who respect human and corporate values.

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We have a management manner focusing on value-creation, offering the opportunity to the employees for demonstrating their own potentials and on leading the changes and developments.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Ankara | 1 Person | Full-Time

3D Modelling Specialist

Ankara | 1 Person | Full-Time

Backend Developer

Ankara | 1 Person | Full-Time

Senior Frontend Developer

Ankara | 1 Person | Full-Time

3D Organic Modelling Specialist

Ankara | 1 Person | Full-Time

VFX Artist

Ankara | 1 Person | Full-Time


Systematic Processes

Appreciating the value of employees to the company, we develop systematic processes for wage setting, performance measurement and evaluation, talent and career management, job motivation, continuous training and self-development.


We specify open positions regarding the projects dealt by our company and the demands of our team. We reach adequate candidates via applicant databases and portals or evaluate the already submitted applications. We follow wage offering processes to the candidates deemed appropriate after Human Resources’ and technical evaluations, including portfolio presentations. Our open position announcements are also published on our web-site. For two separate periods, winter and summer, we also offer the internship opportunity to the students deemed talented.


By the practice of orientation partnership, we facilitate the adaptation of the new recruited teammate to job and to GFDS life. By the end of probation period evaluation, we measure the short-term performance and organize “feedback meetings” in which we share our recommendations with our new employee.

Training & Growth

We contribute to the training of our employees by scheduling in house, outside and e-trainings according to the annual necessities and demands. We appreciate the technical growth and self-development.

In addition to formal recruitment, which is generally held twice a year, we welcome interns as corporate responsibility among talented students who can contribute to the personal development and career management of young people.


Performance evaluation is conducted twice a year based on targets and competency. By the effective implementation of the feedback system, the interaction between the employee and the administrator is accelerated.

Wage Management

The wage increase praxis is held according to the performance evaluation. Moreover, the employees are also rewarded by the wage ameliorations in regard to the positional changes, project success fees and new project fees.

Motivational Activities

We periodically organize numerous different activities to increase the level of communication and motivation between the employees. We always encourage our teammates to share their ideas on new team organizastions by which they strenghten their ties with their colleagues  and the company.

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